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Prevalence of Tinea Capitis Among School Children  in Urban Areas of Imo State, Nigeria



R.I. Okechukwu1, A.E Chukwulebe2, I.C. Mgbemena1, T.N.A. Chiegboka1  and R.N. Anunobi1

1Department of Biotechnology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

2Evan Enwerem University Teaching Hospital, Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria.



Abstract Prevalence of dermtophytosis was carried out among 345 pupils aged 5-13 years in randomly selected primary schools in the three senatorial zones of Imo state.  Pupils were examined for presence of lesions which were later confirmed by microscopy and culture. The survey carried out showed that 50 (14.50%) out of 345 were mycologically proven to be positive for dermatophytosis. The incidence was higher in children within the age range of 5 7 years (44%) and lower in children of about 11 13 years (22%). It was also observed that out of 177 male pupils, 25 (14.10%) were infected with dermatophytosis, while out of 168 female pupils, 25 (14.90%) were infected. Trichophyton mentagrophytes was the most predominant isolate 16 (32.00%) while the least encountered were Trichophyton quinkeanum and Microsporum canis with 3 (6.00%) isolates each. The highest prevalence of dermatophytosis was observed in Owerri zone (17.90%) followed by Orlu zone (15.70%) then Okigwe zone (10.00%). Geophilic dematophytes occur worldwide, anthropophilic species and some zoophilic fungi may be geographically restricted depending on host range. Statistical analysis of the data using chi square showed significant difference between the urban schools in Owerri zone compared with Okigwe but no significant difference between urban schools in Owerri and Orlu.


Keywords: Prevalence, dermatophytes, dermatophytosis, asymptomatic.


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