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Association between Parity and Episiotomy among Parturients in a Tertiary Health Care Facility in South-South Nigeria  


E.C. Inyang-Etoh and S.J. Etuk

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Uyo, Nigeria, E-mail: emmacol2000@yahoo.com.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Calabar, Nigeria, E-mail: imaetuks345@yahoo.com


Abstract: The advocacy for antenatal perineal massage to prevent episiotomy during childbirth calls for the identification of a group of pregnant women that might benefit from this proposition. This study set out to test scientifically for any association between nulliparity/multiparty and episiotomy. Women who delivered in the centre during the period of the study were categorized into two groups-primiparous and multiparous and the use of episiotomy among them during their delivery was tested using the x2-test and the odds ratio was computed. The incidence of episiotomy in the centre during the study period was 34.5. The modal age-group among parturients was 26-30 years. The majority (71.2%) of the parturients were primiparous with 89.5% being married with the majority (61.8%) having attained post-secondary level of education. Most (94.6%) of the parturients were booked mothers who had obtained antenatal care in the centre. A very high statistically significant proportion of primiparous women had episiotomy during their delivery when compared with their multiparous counterpart (p=0.000). Nulliparous women in the study population had about 10 times the odds of having episiotomy during their delivery than multiparous women (O.R.=9.8,95% C.I.=5-9). Nulliparous pregnant women have been identified as an at-risk group that could benefit from the proposed antenatal perineal massage for the prevention of episiotomy during childbirth. 


Keywords: Episiotomy, nulliparity, multiparity, association, perineal massage



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