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Tetanus Among Medical In-patients:

A Five Year Review of Seasonal Pattern at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital.



1Neurology unit, Department of Medicine, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar.


Abstract: To ascertain possible existence of seasonal variation in tetanus admissions at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital in Nigeria; we examined the records of tetanus admissions obtained from medical inpatients’ documentations over a period of 5 years, spanning from 2005 to 2009. Eighty two tetanus patients comprising of 65 (79.3%) males and 17(20.7%) females were admitted during the period under review. Forty three (52.4%) and 17 (47.6%) were admitted during the wet and dry seasons respectively (p=0.296). The average monthly frequency of tetanus admissions was 6.8. The months of April (12), July (10) and march (9) recorded the most number of tetanus admissions, constituting 14.6%, 12.6% and 11.0% of total tetanus admissions respectively. The month of June recorded the least frequency of admission accounting for three (3.7%) of tetanus admissions (p=0.048). The case fatality rate for tetanus was 43.9%. Twenty one (58.3%) and 15 (41.7%) of the tetanus mortality occurred during the wet and dry seasons respectively (p=0.344). We conclude that tetanus presentation in our facility has no seasonal variation. However, the monthly trend may mirror the farm practices of the local population.  


Keywords: Tetanus, seasonal pattern, Calabar. 


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