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Influence of Vitamins C and E Supplementation During Dihydroartemisinin (cotecxin) Administration on the Histology and Glycogen Distribution in the Liver of Wistar Rats


O.E. Mesembe**, A.O. Igiri, O.R. Asuquo, G.U. Udoaffaha, M.B. Ekong* and

T.B. Ekanem.

Department of Anatomy, University of Calabar, Calabar Nigeria

*Department of Anatomy, University of Uyo, Uyo Nigeria


Abstract: Influence of vitamins C and E supplementation during dihydroartemisinin administration on the histology and glycogen distribution in the liver of Wistar rats was carried out. Thirty-two adult albino Wistar rats weighing between 180-260g were divided into four groups of eight rats each. Group A served as the control; whereas, group B, C and D were the experimental groups and were given cotecxin, cotecxin & vitamin C and cotecxin & vitamin E respectively for two weeks (Cotecxin was dispersed in distilled water and administered by daily dose of 1.714mg/kg body weight. Vitamin C was dispersed in distilled water and administered on a daily oral dose of 8.571mg/kg body weight. Vitamin E was dispersed in distilled water and administered on a daily oral dose of 5.714mg/kg body weight). The animals were allowed water and feed ad libitum. Histological sections using H/E staining method showed dilatation of central veins, moderate oedema of the hepatocytes, vacuolation, less distinct nuclei and distortion of hepatic cells compared to the control. These were markedly improved in groups C and D compared to group B. Glycogen deposition using PAS technique showed decreased distribution of glycogen granules in group B compared to the control. There were improved deposition of glycogen in group C and D compared to group B. We therefore propose that cotecxin is hepatotoxic in albino Wistar rats, and that these effects can be ameliorated by antioxidants supplementation using vitamin C and E.


Keywords: Rats; Liver; Histology, Glycogen; Dihydroartemisinin, Vitamins C and E



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