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Motorcycle Related Abdominal Trauma in Children in Calabar Nigeria

A. Archibong, E. Ikpi, I. Ikpeme, M. Asuquo, M. Umoh, S. Akpan 
Department of Surgery
Department of Anaesthesiology, College of Medical Sciences, University of Calabar, Calabar Nigeria 








Between January 1998 and December 2001 38 Children aged between 1-15 years were admitted to the UCTH with the history of motorcycle related abdominal trauma. A male preponderance was observed and incidence of trauma increase with age. It was lowest at preschool age under five years (16%) but peaked at post elementary school age of 11-14 years (45%). Children were injured as passengers (61%) and as pedestrians (38%). Majority of the children presented with blunt abdominal injury (79%) while 21% sustained penetrating abdominal injury. Laporatomy was carried out in all cases of penetrating injury while increasing abdominal tenderness, haemodynamic instability or a positive abdominal paracentesis was considered in blunt abdominal injuries. With blunt injuries, the solid viscera were commonly injured, whereas penetrating injuries involve hollow organs. Motorcycle related injuries are preventable conditions and require the enforcement of traffic regulations, provision of basic but necessary footpaths and public enlightenment on the dangers of child abuse as pedestrian child hawker.


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