Abstract 4.15



Unusual Causes of Genital Injuries and their Management 
in a Nigerian Hospital

U. Antia, P. Ekwere, O. Udofia 


Burns & Plastic Surgery Unit, Department of Surgery
Division of Urology, Department of Surgery
Department of Psychiatry


Three cases of genital injuries caused by self-amputation, dog bite and cassava grating machine are presented. Accidental partial amputation of the penis through dog bite and de-gloving by cassava grating machine are unusual and, to our knowledge, have never been reported before. A previous report from this centre showed that approximately 21% of all genito-urinary injuries specifically affect the genital organs, mostly as complications of circumcision 2. As with one of our patients, victims of genital self-amputation usually have an antecedent history of serious psychosexual problems. Surgical management is usually aimed at restoring cosmesis and preserving erectile and ejaculatory capacities and function. It may sometimes be extensive. Attempt at re-anastomosis should be made when an amputated stump is available and viable. De-gloving and crush injury to the phallus is a very severe form of injury for which primary repair is unlikely to produce the best results. Non-viable tissue usually forms the basis for wound infection, which would result in breakdown. Delayed repair is likely to produce better results.

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