Abstract 5.14




Haemoperitoneum following Coitus with no associated Vaginal Injury



J. Ekabua, T. Agan, E. Ekanem, C. Iklaki, I. Itam 


Postcoital haemoperitoneum resulting in shock rarely occur without evident vaginal injury. A 24 year old Para 0 4 women presented to the emergency unit in shock with a history of fainting attack and severe absominal pain of 6 hours duration. Pain was felt immediately after coitus and was so severe that the patient had a blackout. Ultrasound scan revealed a left adnexal mass and fluid in the peritoneal cavity. At laparatomy more than 2 litres of fresh blood was found in the peritoneal cavity. The left ovary was enlarged by a haemorrhagic cyst with 3 bleeding points. The left fallopian tube was slightly oedematous with 2 areas of haemorrhagic spots but no obvious bleedig. Left ovarian cystectomy was done. Haemostasis was secured. 

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