Abstract 6.15



Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Neck



R. Ndoma-Egba, M. Umoh, G. Ugare, M. Ekong 




This is a case of 35 years lady who presented with an extensive malingnant ulcer on the left side of the neck. Prior to presentation, she had noticed a rapidly growing swelling over a six month period, and reported to a private practitioner who incised it (in the belief that he was draining a ruptured boil!). Following the incision, the wound refused to heal, rather, the ulcer grew rapidly covering the whole of the left side of her neck. Following admission and resuscitation, an incision biopsy was done. Histology of the biopsy specimen revealed metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma. The patient left the hospital against medical advice before further treatment could be advised. We report this case to alert clinicians about the unusual presentation of nasopharyngeal tumours in this environment. This is more relevant when we consider that histological report may not be readily available.

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