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Ileocaecal Volvulus Presenting As Acute on Chronic Appendicitis: A case Report and a Review of the Literature

R. Ndoma-Egba, G. Ugare , R. Ekpo 




This is the report of a case of a 29 year-old male patient, who presented with signs and symptoms of acute abdomen. A diagnosis of acute on chronic appendicitis was made. The patient was resuscitated and prepared for emergency appendectomy. However, at operation it was discovered that the patient had ileo-caecal volvulus. The volvulus was de-tortioned and caecopexy was performed to prevent recurrence even though there was no redundant mesentery. The appendix itself was not found at the usual site or anywhere else in the abdomen. The abdomen was closed and the patient recovered and was discharged on the tenth postoperative day without complications. This presentation is unusual, and the where about of the appendix is a matter of conjecture (perhaps it had sloughed off following episodes of recurrent acute appendicitis).

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