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The Effect of Tobacco Smoking on Total and Differential White Blood Cells Counts in Calabar Nigeria Cigarette Smokers




E. Uko, A. Iwuoha, N. Udonwa, O. Kanu 


Effect of tobacco smoking on total and differential white blood cell counts was studied on 100 Calabar subjects. Total white cell count was carried out using improved Neubauer counting chamber method while leukocyte differentials was by microscopic examination of leishman stained thin blood film of Dacie and Lewis. Subjects were randomly selected and were all males, aged 20 to 35 years. Medical history of the smokers was obtained through the use of questionnaires to exclude subjects with diseases that could alter the leukocyte count. Smokers were classified as heavy, moderate and occasional smokers. Twenty subjects smoked at least 10 sticks of cigarette and above per day were classified as heavy smokers while those that smoked 5-10 and 1-5 sticks per day were classified as moderate and occasional smokers respectively. Total white cells and neutrophil counts were significantly higher (p

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