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Outcome of midline dorsal Plication of Tunica albuginea for Repair of Penile Curvature in Nigerian Children




A. Essiet, E. Ikpi, P. Ekwere, G. Essiet, O. Oku 




Whereas most methods of repair of penile involve wedge excision of or a cut into the tunica albuginea, recent neuro-anatomical studies of the penis have shown the 12 o’clock position as the only nerve free portion of the tunica albuginea1. Against this background the technique of dorsal midline plication without excision or cut into the tunica albuginea as a method of treatment for Nigerian children with penile curvature deformities was evaluated. Thirteen consecutive Nigerian children with varying degrees of penile curvature had repair by midline dorsal plication of the tunica albuginea without any cuts on the fascia. Ten of the patients were hypospadiacs while 3 had penile curvature alone. Follow up for between 6 and 24 months showed satisfactory outcome in all cases. It is concluded that dorsal plication of the tunica albuginea in the midline, a process that obviates the risk of neurovascular damage, is an effective and simple procedure that can be safely undertaken by the average operator in the surgical treatment of mild to moderate penile curvatures in Nigerian children.



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