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Lipid Profile of Sickle Cell Patients in Southern Nigeria


C. A. Usoro, O., A. O. Ughwumiakpo, and A. C. Nsonwu


Department of Chemical Pathology

College of Medical Sciences University of Calabar, Calabar – Nigeria


Abstract: The study aimed to determine the lipid profile of sickle cell patients in Southern Nigeria. The lipid profile (total cholesterol – TC, high density lipoprotein cholesterol – HDL-C, low density lipoprotein cholesterol – LDL-C, very low density lipoprotein cholesterol –VLDL-C, triglycerides and atherogenic index – TC/HDL-C ratio) were estimated in serum of thirty sickle cell anemia patients and thirty healthy subjects using he enzymatic colorimetric methods. The mean TC, HDL-C, and triglycerides were 1.90± 0.32mmol/l, 0.80± 0.25mmol/l and 0.36± 0.16mmol/l for the sickle anemia patients and 3.24± 0.67mmol/l, 1.05±0.37mmol/l and 1.07±0.39mmol/l respectively for the controls. The values for VLDL-C, LDL-C, and atherogenic index were 0.07±0.05mmol/l, 1.03±0.036mmol/l, and 2.60±0.89mmol/l for sickle cell anemia patients and 0.21±0.08mmol/l, 1.98±0.61mmol/l, and 3.40±1.21mmol/l respectively for controls. The TC, HDL-C, Triglycerides, LDL-C, VLDL-C and atherogienc index were significantly (p<0.05) lower in the sickle cell anemia patients when compared with controls. The present findings of reduced total cholesterol and atherogienc index in sickle cell individuals indicates a reduced risk of developing arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease in these individuals.

Key words: Sickle cell, serum, cholesterol, triglycerides and atherogenic index.

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