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Utilization of University Teaching Hospitals in the Southern Health Zones of Nigeria


R. I. Ogbimi


Institute of Public Administration and Extension Service

University of Benin, Benin-City, Edo State – Nigeria


Abstract: National and international concerns mount on the inappropriate utilization of hospital in developing countries. This is better appreciated when experiences of countries are provided 5 years data on the thus challenging improved utilization of health systems resources. This study provides 5 years data on the utilization of five University Teaching Hospitals (UTHs) in the southeast health zones of Nigeria. The data were collected form hospital records. Wide variations between bed capacity and staff strength (Physicians, nurses and administrative staff) which did not reflect resource utilization were observed. The UTHs with fewer bed capacity of between 250 and 492 made better use of their resources that those between 554 and 674. The thousands of outpatient’s department (OPD) visits yearly were mainly by ambulatory patients, less than 7 percent of who were admitted in most of the UTHs. The major causes of admissions were pregnancy and childbirth. However the UTHs in the south east had more admissions for accidents and violence as well as pregnancy and childbirth than those in the southwest health zones. Improved utilization of UTHs facilities should be expected when an organization is empowered to acquire and re-distribute some UTHs resources across level of health care, political and geographical boundaries as well as direct health facility utilization in respect of referral systems to reach majority of users.

Key words: Health Facility Utilization, University Teaching Hospitals, Southern Nigeria.

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