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Pattern of Paediatric Renal Disorders in Calabar, Nigeria


I. S. Etuk, M. U. Anah, S. O. Ochigbo, and M. Eyong


Abstract: A 10-year retrospective study of the pattern of paediatric renal disorders in Calabar, Nigeria was carried out. The study aimed at determining the prevalence and pattern of paediatric renal disorders in Nigerian children. This was carried out by studying the records of children admitted to the main paediatric ward of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar during the period January 1991 through December, 2000. Of a total of 5.641 children admitted during the 10-year period, 182(3.2 per cent) had renal disorders. Acute glomerulo-nephritis (36.9 per cent) and nephritic syndrome (30.7 per cent) were the major lesions. Others were urinary tract infection (8.9 per cent), obstructive uropathy and acute renal failure (6.7 per cent each), and nephroblastoma (6.2 per cent). The overall mortality rate was 11.2 per cent. The fatality was largely encountered with chronic renal failure (71.0 per cent), acute renal failure (50.0 per cent) and nephroblastoma (36.0 per cent). The profile of renal disorders seen in this study was similar to that seen elsewhere. Since the case fatality rate largely involved acute and chronic renal failure, a regional centre for dialysis and kidney transplants, therefore, should be established in South-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

Key words: Renal disorders, children in Calabar.


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