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Clinico-Pathological Presentation of Endometriosis in Two Geographical Regions of Nigeria


A. D. Ekanem1, I. A. Ekanem2, H. A. Nggadah3


1 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

2 Department of Pathology College of Medical Sciences University of Calabar

Calabar, Cross River State

3 Department of Histopathology University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospitals

Maiduguri, Borno State.


Abstract: To determine the prevalence and clinico-pathological presentation of endometriosis in two geographical regions in Nigeria. The medical records of patients who had endometriosis is UCTH Calabar and UMTH, Maiduguri were reviewed over a period of 15 years. UCTH and UMTH are situated in the rain forest belt and savannah region of Nigeria respectively. The patientsí ages, symptoms and sites of the lesions were extracted from available hospital records. Seventy (70) patients were seen in the two regions with thirty-four (34) at UCTH and thirty-six (36) at UMTH. The mean age of occurrence was 32.9 years in Calabar and 37 years in Maiduguri with a prevalence rate of 0.45% and 3.73% in Calabar and Maiduguri respectively. The common sites were the uterus (85.7%), ovary (4.3%) and fallopian tubes (4.3%). The common symptoms were abdominal mass (25.7%), vaginal bleeding (24.2%), infertility (21.4%) and lower abdominal pain (18.6%). Endometriosis is more common in the savannah than rain forest belt of Nigeria.

Key words: Endometriosis, prevalence, symptoms, sites, geographical regions, Nigeria.


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