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Anxiety among Residents Living Near Poultry Farms During Avian Influenza H5NI -Outbreak in Nigeria.


Pius A. Okiki

\Department of Microbiology,

Faculty of Life Sciences,University of Benin,

 Benin City, Nigeria.


Anthony O. Ogbimi

Department of Mental Health/Psychiatry,

Faculty of Clinical Sciences,College of Medical Sciences,


Wilson E. Edafiadhe

Delta State University,

Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria.


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Avian influenza (AI) H5NI arrived Nigeria in the year 2006 with apathy towards poultry and poultry products. Our study was conducted among residents living near poultry farms (RLNPF), who were daily exposed to emissions from poultry farms, during the AI H5NI outbreak in the year 2006 and a year later. The physical and mental health statuses were assessed via structured questionnaire. The RLNPF experienced similar physical ill-health symptoms during the study period, 2006 and 2007, but were significantly higher than those reported by the control populace. Depression indices were similar in the two years running with no significant difference in all the groups studied. Anxiety symptoms were significantly higher in 2006 during outbreak of AI than in the year 2007 among RLNPF, as well as than control. There was no significant difference in anxiety symptoms between the RLNPF in 2007 and the control populace. The result indicated that there was anxiety among the RLNPF in the year 2006 when there was outbreak of AI H5NI in Nigeria.


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