article 10. 7



Prevalence of Gallstone Disease in South-Eastern Nigeria


Ndoma-Egba, R.

Department of Surgery,

University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar.


Inah, G.

Department of Radiology,

University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar.


Oyo-Ita, A.

Department of Preventive & Social Medicine,

 University of Calabar Teaching Hospital.


 Etiuma, A.  E.

Department of Surgery,

University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar


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Classically, gallstones are said  to occur in a fat, fertile, flatulent female of fifty!1.  in this prospective study, we found a prevalence rate of 3.3%. the results did not correlate with the body mass index (BMI), weight (Wt) or complexion (Cpx). The mean BMI for those with stones was 24.43 with standard deviation (SD) of 1.97 as against mean BMI of 26.35 and SD of 4.98 for those without. The mean Wt. of those with gallstones was 65.43kg with SD of 9.55 while the mean Wt of those without was 68.01kg with SD of 15.43. regarding “colour”. The Dark complexioned (Dc) were more common constituting 71.4% of affected persons. The fair complexioned (Fc) constituted 28.6%. Patients with tertiary education were the most frequently affected constituting 71.4% and the same group constituted 51% of those randomized. Patients with secondary school level of education constituted 33.14% of those randomized and 28.43% found with gallstones. In the studied sample, t6he female to male ratio in those affected was 6.1. the females also dominated the sample population to the tune of 84%. In relation to occupation, the highest incidence was amongst civil servants who made up 43% of those affected. Surprisingly, the unemployed came second making up 28.5% and the professionals were 14.28% of those affected. These results confirm a rising incidence of cholelithiasis in our population when compared with previous studies (0.007% the sixties and 1.79% in 2002. it also clearly demonstrates a different epidemiological profile from that classically described amongst the Caucasians.


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