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Volume 8, Number 1 (2008) Articles


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List of Original Research Articles

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8.1.  Effect of aqueous leaf extract of Dombeya buttneri on the gastrointestinal tract of Guinea Pig and Rat


OO Okwari, OE Ofem, AO Obembe, AB Antai, EE Osin



8.2.  HIV/AIDS, women and poverty: socio-cultural imperatives in the oil-bearing communities in Nigeria's Niger Delta Region


NE Udonwa, AN Gyuse, A Etokidem, IA Ekanem



8.3.  Contraceptive choices in an NGO-Sponsored family planning clinic in Owerri, Nigeria


BU Ezem



8.4.  Dietary pattern of adult diabetic subjects attending a Tertiary Care Hospital Diabetic Clinic in Calabar, Nigeria


OE Essien, JU Ekott, E Peters, CO Odigwa



8.5.  Effect of orogastric administration of methanolic extract of Ageratum conyzoides on gastric acid secretion in rats


AB Antai, AO Obembe, DE Ikpi



8.6. The aetiology of neonatal septicaemia in Port Harcourt, Nigeria


ADI Abbey, EG Nwokah, OK Obunge, CK Wachukwu



8.7.  Effect of aqueous extract of Rothmannia hispida on gastric acid secretion and gastric mucosa protection (Cytoprotection)


AB Antai, DU Owu, OE Ofem



8.8.  Increase in body temperature and changes in some routinely estimated biochemical parameters


MM Wankasi, M Diribe



8.9.  Effect of consumption of aqueous leaf extract of V. amygdalina on gastric acid secretion, gastrioulceration and intestinal transit in rats


CO Nku, OE Ofem, KG Davies, OO Okwari, O Eyara, EE Osim



8.10.  Epidemiology of cigarette smoking among secondary school students in Owerri Municipality Imo State, Nigeria


NC Osuchukwu, EC Osuchukwu


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