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Volume 9, Number 1, (2009) Articles


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List of Original Research Articles

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9.1.  Epidemiology of Paragonimiasis in Oban Community of Cross River State, Nigeria.

N.O. Umoh and M.F. Useh


9.2.  Histochemical Characterization of Rain-Forest Strain of Onchocerca Volvulus Microfilariae Isolated in Akamkpa, Cross River State, Nigeria.

A.W. Essien, P.C. Inyang-Etoh, and G.C. Ejezie


9.3.  A Controlled Study of Effect of Counseling on Psychological Symptoms Among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Uyo, Nigeria.

F. Abasiubong, J.U. Ekott, E.A. Bassey, E.A. Etukumana, M. Edyang-Ekpa


9.4.  Placenta Praevia at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital: A Five Year Retrospective Study.

Ikimalo, J.I. and G. Bassey


9.5.  The Assessment of Heavy Metal and By-Product on Fried Food Sold by Roadside Vendors in Calabar, Nigeria.

Ikpeme-Emmanuel C.A., V.S. Ekam, and C.A. Eneji


9.6.  Factors Influencing Utilization of Modern Family Planning Service 37-42Among Women of Child Bearing Age (15-49 Years) in the University of Calabar Hospital, Calabar.

N.C. Osuchukwu, and E.C. Osuchukwu


9.7. Evaluation of Heavy Metal on Canned Meat and Fish Sold in Calabar, Nigeria.

Ikpeme-Emmanuel C.A., C.A. Eneji, and V.S. Ekam


9.8.  Chemical and Biological Evaluation of Fried Plantain Sold by Roadside Vendors in Calabar, Nigeria.

Ikpeme-Emmanuel C.A., Eneji C.A. and V.S. Ekam


9.9.  Consumer Awareness of Safe Food Handling by Food Service Establishments in Calabar, Nigeria.

C.A. Ikpeme-Emmanuel, C.A. Eneji, V.S. Ekam


9.10.  Aetiological Factors for Mandibular Fractures Seen in the University of CalabarTeaching Hospital, Calabar, South-South Nigeria.

Anyanechi, C.E., Bassey G.O. and B.D.O. Saheeb


9.11.  HIV/AIDS Awareness among Traders in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

N. Frank-Peterside and I.A. Ibanga


9.12.  Osteomyelitis of the Mandible in Sickle Cell Disease: Report of a Case

Anyanechi C. E. and Bassey G.O.


9.13.  Sperm Quality and Fertility Following Prolonged Immobilization Stress in Wistar Rats

O.E. Mesembe, A.O. Igiri, V.A. Fischer, S.A. Bisong and V.S. Ekam


9.14.  Chloroquine Induced Lidip Deposition in the Lateral Geniculate Body and Superior Colliculus of Adult Wistar Rats

T. B. Ekanem and A. Caxton-Martins


9.15.  Modulatory Effect of Vitamin C and E On Dihydroartemisinin (Cotecxin) Induced Hepatotoxicity in Wistar Albino Rats

O.E. Mesembe, V.S. Ekam, A.O. Igiri, and T.B. Ekanem


9.16.  Garcinia kola (Bitter Kola) as an Antimicrobial Agent: Effects on the normal flora of the mouth.

N. Frank-Peterside and A. Ebidiseabofa


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