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Volume 9, Number 2 (2009) Articles



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Abstract 9:2:1

Prevalence of Sexually transmitted Diseases in Pregnant Women in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

V. U. Usanga, L. Abia-Bassey, S. M. Udoh3, F. Ani4, E. Archibong



Abstract 9:2:2

Prevalence of Pulmonary Tuberculosis and HIV Co-infection among Prisoners in Calabar, Nigeria

E. O. Ibeneme, A. E. Asuquo and L. N. Abia-Bassey



Abstract 9:2:3

Mortality Patterns in the Medical Wards of University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Nigeria

E. E. Philip-Ephraim, A. N. Gyuse, I. E. Bassey, N. E. Udonwa



Abstract 9:2:4 

Comparison of Acidometric and Iodometric methods in the detection of Penicillinase production by Staphylococcus aureus Isolates in UCTH Calabar, Nigeria

B. Alabi and J. Epoke




Abstract 9:2:5

Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitic Infections among Inmates of Calabar Prison, Cross River State, Nigeria

U. L. Obong1, I. B. Otu-Bassey, M. F. Useh



Abstract 9:2:6

Instrumental Vaginal Operative Delivery in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital Calabar, Nigeria

Etim I. Ekanem, Atim E. Udoh, Thomas U. Agan, Mabel I. Ekott




Abstract 9:2:7

Calcium, Inorganic Phosphates, Alkaline Phosphatase and Acid Phosphatase Activities in Breast Cancer Patients in Calabar, Nigeria

Nathaniel Usoro, C. Maxwell Omabbe, A. O. Chinyere Usoro and Augusta Nsonwu




Abstract 9:2:8

The Relationship between the Health Profile of Waste Scavengers and Microbial Load Burden of Dumps in Post Harcourt, Nigeria



Abstract 9:2:9

Prostatic Diseases in Akwa Ibom State

Eliakim-Ikechukwu, C. F.; Umoh, I. S. and Asuquo, O. R.



Abstract Abstract 9:2:10

Pediatric Eye Care: Common Causes of blindness and Visual Impairment in Children in a Hospital Setting

Duke, R




Abstract 9:2:11

The Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Alchornea cordifolia Leaf on the Histology of Kidney of Diabetic Wistar Rats

Eliakim-Ikechukwu, C. F. and Bassey, M. E.




Abstract 9:2:12 

In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Tithonia Diversifolia (Sunflower) Leaf Extracts on Aerobic Bacterial Isolates from Wound Infection

Ogunjimi, T. S. and Epoke, J.




Abstract 9:2:13

Nutrition and Health Status of Preschool Children of Rubber Plantation Workers in Calabar, Nigeria

M. U. Anah, O. E. Ikpeme, I. S. Etuk, K. I. Eyong, A. E. Bassey




Abstract 9:2:14

Morbidity and Mortality Pattern among HIV/AIDS Patients in the Medical Wards of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital Uyo, Nigeria

Unadike b. C.., Essien I. O., Akpan N. A., Peters E. J.,  Essien O. E



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